Sunday, 19 February 2017

It’s so remarkably easy to use Webcall Click to call services. Just a button script code that can be embedded in any website pages that website visitors are browsing and then they can talk to a live person engaging a Webphone conversation.

Are you a developer and are up to something interesting? Make the most of Web Phone and all its features by customizing button calls, managing received web contacts, and creating the statistics more interesting to you.
Get in touch with us and we'll tell you all the benefits offered by our API. Now we put a new technology for you.

Call history

With your click-to-call implementation, you can control all your web calls - such as where on your site each call begins, to which one of your phone numbers the call goes, and how long the call lasts. You can also listen to each recorded web call later via the Control Panel - just make sure to have the Call Recording option turned on.

Call recording
Record and listen to the conversations between your employees and your customers to evaluate the quality of your customer relation management, or to better learn what common questions your customers are having to ask for your products or services.

You receive voicemail when not answered, you listen to messages at your convenience.
Our system platform will automatically and instantly send you email notifications together with the message file to listen whenever you receive a new voicemail message.

Mobile application
Your customers can also call you for free from their tablets or smartphones via our free calls. Download and install once our Softphone, it will be used every time your customers want to call you online from your website or their mobile devices via Internet.

 Working hours
This feature allows you to choose the times of day that web calls will be forwarded to your Agents (for each day of the week). Customers who call you outside of these hours can leave you a voicemail message that will instantly be emailed to you or your Help Desk.

Unlike a regular phone call - Webcall's calling has powerful, real time communication analytic. It can be used to determine where your callers are coming from on the web, monitor and measure ROI, effectiveness of marketing campaigns, sales conversions (greater than 80% online) and more. You can also download the analytics, use them in spreadsheets, charts, etc.

Call to multiple lines
Forward your web calls to different phone numbers (you can set working hours for each button SIP number), or forward calls to all numbers simultaneously and to specific Landline or Mobile, this function require topping up your account with a `calling credit` to route your web calls.

Customizable design

You can select a tailor-made button from your platform management dashboard or you can customize your webcall icon button to fully match your website design or corporate identity. We recommend placing your click-to-call button anywhere in your webpage or your email, and Social Media. Even friends and colleagues can call you FREE from anywhere in the world.

Leading the way to Web Telephony Real Time Communication of Webcall

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Maintain privacy when communicating online

Our mission Corporation Technology is to create Web Telephony solutions for forward-thinking organizations, SMB. corporate and Government’s Administrations.

Our captivity to revenue that is scalable in assets and software products in place. Innovative in merging a line of HTML Code for business processing for the Web Telephony .

We will execute a global market penetration strategy to increase top line, and develop the infrastructure to prepare for tomorrow growth .

We aim to be the professional partner of choice for our customers and to be viewed as the top Web telephony resource in the global telecommunication market.

We will continue to develop technology innovation, and to be known as the Web Telephony experts with resource and development center in Skadarska Lab. in Belgrade.

Click to call button, enabling your online web visitors to call you FREE from any part of the world to your devices.

We are a Web Telephony Top Provider offering a platform for a Real-time multi-poste communication within the browser. 2016 WebRTC product of the year Award Winner

WebRTC service d'aide à la clientèle devient plus pratique et plus facile en intégrant une seule ligne en code HTML dans votre page Web pour recevoir des appels gratuits de vos visiteurs de votre Site Web sur tout appareil téléphonique ou votre mobile.